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Hello once again, tens...ahaha, sorry...ONES of people actually reading our schtuff, its me, Ariana again. for those who care, our next chapter will take a while because we have just restarted the next chapter due to a golden mc'guffin that needed to be scrapped and we have pretty much rearraged some chapters and made changes and school is starting up again and y00adda yadda yadda point is, don't hold your breath, uploading will probably be slower than it already is.

So..yeah...why we need your help, you see.... our story is missing something rather important; a freaking title. We've been wracking our brains and NOTHIN', as you can tell cuz all our chapters are just labelled 'book one'. I know we have fan in the states who have been reading and trying to come up with something (oh sidenote to those people, why haven't you watched us yet? GOD show some love over here!!! [PIA THAT MEANS YOU]) buuuuuut we need to come up with one, especially because we have a title dropper in the next chapter sooooooo yeah. We know you guys are smart, as long as the title relates to our Greek demi-god story, it'll be fine. I think you have the gist of what's gonna be going on generally, so we need a title to sum it up, or like a group name for our four characters, I don't know, anything is better than what we came up with.

So please, do us a favour...LEND US YOUR BRAINS!!!!!!!! Comment on what you think our name should be, Suggest anything, you never know, I don't care if you comment on this journal like a million times with different names, we just need SOMETHING!!!!! If we pick your title...uhhh.... Rachel or I will do some art for you. Yeah..really. Just look at our stuff here :iconalidythera: and :iconetoilesalanuit: well..maybe not mine so much, i dont have a lot on there but Rachel can do kickass pixel schtuff so yeah......pleaseeeee?


Ariana and Rachel
Artist | Student | Varied
"Welcome to our Deviant Art page. Our names are Ariana and Rachel. We are two teenagers from Canada who have decided to write a story together. Our story started from a really weird dream that I had (no more pop and sugar before bed -.-) This dream ended up continuing through both of our heads and we decided to write a story about it." Ariana explained.

"IT WAS MY IDEA!" Rachel piped in

"Yes it was your idea. Anyways since, I would say we've been working together to write this story for a LONG time, and it just keeps getting longer and longer"

"So we have decided to post our story up here for you all to read. We'd love to hear your comments and ideas as well as critiques which are very much appreciated. NO TROLLS ALLOWED."

"New eyes are always a wonderful help because after you've read the story as many times as Rachel has, its easy to pass over mistakes"

"I've read it about 60 times already! Well whats been written. IT'S AWESOME!"

"You're still reading this? Well, how about some more info about us: Ariana and I are both in RAP art (for those of you who don't know what that is its a Regional Arts Program featured in our highschool). I do quite a bit of computer art though im not that good at drawing with my tablet yet, but i can do lots of stuff like animate in Photoshop and flash. I know how to use Illustrator,though I mostly use Photoshop; i also enjoy using Sculptris to create awsome 3D models. I am also experienced with graphic coding though I'm no expert.
Ariana is quite good at graphic art as well and she is an exellent writer. We collaborate on ideas, I do the fundamental writing with most of the battle scenes and descriptions, and Ariana does all the dialogue, expands on what I have, and does all the flowery revising and editing stuff"

"Rachel are you still here? Come help me write, I need a battle scene for this next part..."

"I'm coming! Well, I hope you guys enjoy reading our story, and have a nice day. Bye!"

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